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2 Classification Requirements And Characteristics Of Hotel Curtain Fabric


2 classification requirements and characteristics of Ho […]

2 classification requirements and characteristics of Hotel Curtain Fabric :

1. Hotel curtain fabrics can be divided into printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard fabrics, etc.

①Printed cloth: The color and pattern are printed on the plain cloth by transfer or garden net, which is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics are bright colors, and rich and delicate patterns.
②Dyeing cloth process: The color dyed with a single color on the white embryo cloth is called dyed cloth, which is characterized by elegance and naturalness.
③ Yarn-dyed fabric process: According to the needs of the pattern, the gauze is first classified and dyed, and then interwoven to form a color pattern to become a yarn-dyed fabric.
④Jacquard printing process: combining the two processes of jacquard and printing is called jacquard color cloth.

2. Hotel curtain fabrics can be divided into pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, etc. according to the texture of the fabrics, and can also be woven from concentrated raw materials.

①The cotton fabric is soft and feels good.
②The hemp fabric has a good drape and strong texture.
③Polyester fabrics are very scratchy, bright in color, do not fade, do not shrink, and are widely used in small and medium hotels.
④The silk fabric is noble, noble, and gorgeous. It is composed of 100% natural silk. Its natural, elegant and layered features have become the most fashionable products, and it is one of the curtain fabrics often used in high-end hotels.

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