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Good news!Qiansifang(Suzhou) Industry Co.,Ltd. won the "High-tech Enterprise" authority certification!


In 2019, it was reviewed by experts, reviewed by Jiangs […]

In 2019, it was reviewed by experts, reviewed by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, and State Administration of Taxation Suzhou Taxation Bureau, and approved by the National High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Leading Group Office, Qiansifang(Suzhou) Industry Co.,Ltd. was certified For national high-tech enterprises.



National high-tech enterprise is not only a title, but an affirmation of R & D strength!


The identification of high-tech enterprises must go through a number of "gates" such as local preliminary examination, expert examination, random inspection by the identification organization, and national review and public announcement. The National Ministry of Science and Technology was finally identified as a national high-tech enterprise. The high-tech enterprise is one of the highest honors for Chinese science and technology enterprises, and it is the most authoritative affirmation of the scientific research strength of the enterprise.


Science is the driving force for development, and innovation is the fundamental driving force for development.


If an enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger and obtain long-term development, it must build an innovative culture.
The identification of high-tech enterprises is a new milestone for us, both in terms of research and development capabilities and product technology content; it has also strengthened independent innovation, continued innovation, and followed the path of high-tech development.
The company has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation, established a professional team of scientific and technical personnel, set up a research and development department, and signed an industry-academia research cooperation agreement with Taiyuan University of Science and Technology. Technology strengths to achieve complementary advantages. Over the past few years, the company has accumulated rich experience in scientific research cooperation and industrialization of scientific research results, and has formed a technological innovation pattern with the company as the main body and the integration of production, teaching and research.
Since its establishment, through the excellent technical team and professional technical research and development, the Qiansifang Group has developed products from scratch. We will also continue to rely on strong independent research and development capabilities and unique technical advantages to enhance the core competitiveness of our products. In the textile industry, open up new patterns.

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